Specifications and contents of the TF130HE Series

Flat Motors are devices that are widely used in various types of electronic equipments. The TF130 HE /NE series comprises of three models going by the names of TF130HE – 2850, TF130HE – 2940, TF130HE – 3536. These are used in motorized toys, 4WD toy cars, etc.

TF130HE – 2850: Operation ranges from 3.02 6.0 V at nominal of 6 .0 V constant while rotating at 3850 RPM when not on load. When efficiency is maximized, RPM is 31,000 staying at a torque of 2.20 nN-m, 22.4 g-cm.

TF130HE – 2940: This model operates at a range of 1.5 to 3.0 V at 3.0 the constant while the ranging between 19,000 to 14,500 from no load to maximum efficiency. Dark ranges from 2.20 mN-m to 11.37mN-m from maximum efficiency to stall settings.

TF130HE – 3536: This model is basically almost identical to the previous version but with some changes that include 21,500 rpm on no load and 16,770 RPM at maximum efficiency. Torque ranges are quite similar to the 2940.

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