The TF260 /S series is what powers the some of the best toys

The various kinds of motors that are used in daily life appliances are geared mini, mini dynamo, micro motor, flat motors, etc. Flat motors are a type that finds its best use in electronic models that are rather small in size. Due to the frequency of use, there is simply no denying the fact that it's extremely popular among engineers.

Among flat motors, the TF260 /S series boasts of an impressive lineup that consists of models that are used in motorized toys and other sorts of toy models. These models are known by the names of TF260 – 20130, TF260 – 2867, TF260S – 2672, TF260S – 3240.

The models operate at a voltage range between 1.5 to 6.0 V and run at 7300 – 16400 RPM on no-load and between 5930 – 13300 when put on maximum efficiency. Torque rating stands between 1.27 mN-m to 2.58 mN-m at maximum efficiency.

Driving Teco Electric Company Limited is their will to exceed their past reputation and offer exceptional quality products accompanied by with fantastic presales and post sales service that is difficult to match up to. The engineers here are highly skilled in their craft as they produce even customized equipment for specific requirements.

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