Know all about TR1230 series to get a new domain in electric motors!

With interesting new discoveries in DC motors coming in the way, it is important that people keep a note of those motors that are useful for them in the long run. With the new TR1230 series from this model of TR series, the operational voltage ranges from 1.5V to 12.0V with dimensions of 12.1x30 mm.

This new TR1230 /C series has a variety of applications at radio control model, motorized toys and models and toys. With an approximate weight of 13 grams, this motor is truly one of a type in every sense.

It has within itself a series set of four models, starting off with TR1230-1748 series. With an operational range of 1.5V to 3.0V and constant being at 3.0V nominal, its torque ranges from 6.0 g-cm to 30 g-cm. At no load, its speed is 18500 rpm and maximum efficiency being at 14800 rpm.

The TR1230-1950 series has operational range varying from 1.5V to 3.0V. At no load, its speed is at 18000 rpm, whereas at maximum efficiency it ranges to 14400 rpm. Torque also varies from 6.4 g-cm to 32 g-cm, and current rate varies from 0.154 to 0.611.

In case of TR1230C-10200 series, operational range varies from 6.0V to 12.0V. Speed at no load is 14500 rpm, while at maximum efficiency it is 11400 rpm. Torque rate also varies from 12.4 g-cm to 58 g-cm.

Finally the TR1230C-07295 series comes with an operational speed rate from 12000 rpm to 9440 rpm, and operational range from 6.0V to 12.0V.

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