Check out TR140 series for getting maximum benefit!

The TR140 series has brought along with itself in the market a new series as TR140 /S. In comparison to a number of DC motors; this is truly one of the better ones! Coming within an operational voltage of 1.5V to 12.0V, its dimensions are at 21x25mm.

Within this series comes a range of other products such as TR140-2270, TR140-09400, TR140-12240, TR140-18100 models. The places where these motors can be used are motorized toys, plastic models and little toy models.

The TR140-2270 series has operational voltage within 1.5V to 3.0V, with constant nominal rate being at 3.0V. In this case, speed at no load is 15500 rpm, while maximum efficiency was at the speed of 12300 rpm. Torque in this case ranges from 9.3 g-cm to 50 g-cm.

In case of TR140-09400 series, operational voltage varies within 3.0V to 12V, with nominal rate maintained at a constant of 4.5V and 9.0V. The speed at no load ranges within 3800 to 8400 rpm, whereas at maximum efficiency this speed ranges within 2600 to 6400 rpm. The torque rate varies within 6.2 to 8.9 at maximum efficiency, while at stall this varies from 20 to 38.

For TR140-12240 series, operational range varies from 1.5V to 6.0V, with nominal rates being at both points. The speed at no load also ranges from 2200 to 9800 rpm, while at maximum efficiency ranges from 1500 to 7650 rpm.

Finally with TR140-18100 series, operational voltage lies between 1.5V to 3.0V, with constant rate being at 3.0V. Speed at no load ranges from 11200 rpm while 8430 rpm at maximum efficiency.

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