Uniqueness of the TFK130S series and its specifications

Flat motors are a kind of miniature motor devices that are used to run small electronic equipments that range from toy cars to regular household appliances. Due to its usefulness, the demand is always high for this category.

Speaking of flat motors, the TFK130S /SC series in applications like house appliances, automotive products, office equipments, electric shaver, CD player, and few other stuff. This series consists of models going by names of TFK 130S – 09430, TFK 130S – 14230, TFK 130S – 11240, TFK 130S – 15148.

The operation range is usually from 3.0 V to 12 V while the RPM ranges from 3050 – 22500 when not on load and 2155 RPM to 18300 RPM when put at maximum efficiency. Torque ranges from 0.95 mN-m to 2.25 mN-m at maximum efficiency and 3.43 mN-m to 12.25 mN-m when on stall.

When it comes to the production of motors, a Chinese company known by the name of Teco Electric Company Limited undoubtedly holds an awesome reputation of being one of the best producers in the market. Based in mainland China, this company is involved in the production and distribution of various motors like DC motors, model, mini dynamo, micro motor, solar motor, and other types of motors that include flat motors.

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