Addressing the need of the hour and them catering to it, identifying it and adhering to it, is what we call development. And in these modern times, when the world is facing large energy crisis, surely the electric motor manufacturers need an alternative which is the most efficient and effective. And we should not turn ourselves away from it when we have in front of our face. Yes, the solar motor. The solar motor sucks its energy from the sun rays. It is the most eco-friendly product that helps to operate other big machineries without consuming any non-renewable energy resources. This motor is also capable of producing electricity without water. And it can be used in various machineries; in fact it is capable of replacing normal AC and DC motor in the machineries. Today solar motor is used in diversified machines like solar heater, solar pump, solar engine and what not.

The Solar Motorworks on the principle of Direct Current (DC). This means that the electricity flows only in one direction. Also the working and the structure of Solar Motor is quite eccentric. When we remove the outer body of the motor, there is a metal case within which a magnetic field is in circular form silhouetting the shape of the steel case. Inside it there is a ball bearing which provides some amount of friction to the rotating armature. For some additional friction to the spinning armature, there are two fixed brushes which give low density electrical friction to the armature. The heart of this motor is its armature. The armature consists of a commutator, stack, spindle and windings. The spindle is like a small circular rod which extends out through the shaft and rotates, giving the output in form of this rotation. The two small wires – red and black – are the connecting wires of which one is negative and the other is positive. They carry the current to the brushes. When the black and red motor wires are connected to a solar panel, current flows through the motor electric motor manufacturers. The winding of wires goes round one of the poles of the armature forming an electromagnet. The pole becomes magnetised and a force from the field magnet is exerted on it. The force creates a torque (turning force) on the armature so it turns if the force is large enough. Connecting this motor to a solar panel turns it into a model of eco-friendly machine.

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