Get details associated with TR1215 series motors

The need for DC motors is increasing with every passing day and so it is essential that people check out those motors that are used for a variety of purposes. Generally, such round motors are used in electronic gadgets, and here comes a fantastic motor from TR1215 series, with an operational voltage of 1.5V to 6.0V.

With a dimension of 12.5x15 mm, this motor is an essential component of model toys, motorised plastic models and motorized toys. With a weight of 5.5gram, this motor is a perfect fit for such electronic little gadgets.

Amongst this range comes another series TR1215-06280 that functions within an operational range of 1.5V to 6.0V with nominal being at 3.0V constant. At no load speed remains 9200 rpm, with current being 0.065, while at maximum efficiency this ranges to 5643 rpm. With current of maximum efficiency being at 0.102, its torque is 0.9g-cm. At stall, torque is 2.2 g-cm, and current is 0.16.

This set has another series associated with it, the TR1215-10110 series. This functions at an operational range of 1.5V to 3.0V, with constant rate being 2.5V. At no load speed range is at 18900 rpm, whereas with maximum efficiency, speed rate is at 12348 rpm. Whereas current at no load is 0.265; at maximum efficiency, it is 0.506.

Thus, you can surely check out these motors for best usage!

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