TU020 /S series of flat motors is as impressive as the other segments

When you go looking for Flat motors, keep in mind the requirement of presales and post self-service offered by the company to satisfy the customers. As this type of motor is popular, care must be taken to make the right choice.

The TU020 /S series of flat motors that consists of three different models, each offering the unique capabilities meant for specific tasks. These models are mainly used to run radio control models, motorized toys, and other types of electronic devices. The three models go by the names of TU020 – 09170, TU020 – 08240 and TU020 – 3020.

The voltage operation range of the series starts from 1.0 and ranges up to 6.0 V while operating at a speed of 6400 RPM to 31500 RPM when not on load. At maximum efficiency, however, the speed ranges from 4260 – 22470 RPM. Torque range starts with 0.110 mN-m and goes all the way up to 3.60 mN-m at maximum efficiency.

Developing and producing models for over 30 years, Teco Electric Company Limited is now considered one of the world's best producers of electric motors. With their base facilities spanning over 15,000 ft.², this company now supplies motors like AC and DC models, mini dynamo, solar motors, geared motors, and other such motors throughout the world.

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