TFK 130MS Flat motors is as impressive in function as advertised

If quality motors is what you want at a low price then you need not look very far. Flat motors, especially, due to their wide range of use is commercially very popular. Usage of these devices range from basic home appliances to small electronic gadgets.

Among flat motors, the TFK 130MS a series is one of the popular products made by them that are widely used in various applications like rearview mirror, printers, headlight level adjuster, fax paper cutter and many other things. This series consists of five models namely: TFK 130MS – 11340, TFK 130MS – 2382, TFK 130MSC – 08440, TFK 130MSC – 15145.

These exceptional quality models operate at full range from 1.5 to 15 V with different levels of constant nominal. When not on load, RPM ranges from 4800 to 8000; at maximum efficiency RPM ranges from 3770 to 6000. Range of torque varies from 1.07 mN-m to 7.84 mN-m while working and stalled respectively.

Based in mainland China, Teco Electric Company Limited produces their exceptional quality products at a factory that spans over 15,000 ft.². The staff involved in production duty is highly skilled and our train regularly to upgrade their capabilities in order to produce the best that your money can buy.

  • AC MotorsOur Factory view in Shenzhen
  • DC MotorsA product line in Shenzhen