The TF280C /SC series supplies an impressive lineup of flat motors

Flat motors are one of the most commonly used type of models that find its application of various day to day electronic equipments and gadgets. There are very less type of models that are as impressive as Flat motors.

The TF280C /SC series is comprised of motors that are essentially used in various appliances like automotive products, hair clipper, and Door Look Actuator, etc. There are you five variants under the series that are named as TF280C – 20150, TF280SC – 10330, TF280SC – 22100 and TF280SC – 3536.

Voltage range of the aforementioned models is from 1.5 to 12 V, RPM ranges from 5000 to 17,500 while not on load. At maximum efficiency, RPM stays between 4000 to 15,300. Torque ratings stand at values between 1.23 to 3.14 mN-m at maximum efficiency, and 5.39 – 20.58 mN-m while stalled.

Based in mainland China, Teco Electric Company Limited is an international brand currently involved in manufacture of various kinds of motors. With a highly specialized staff working dedicatedly to bringing you flat motors, geared motors, coreless motors, and other types of models that are used in daily appliances. Keeping manpower as an asset, this company offers the best pre-sales and post sales service to keep their customers completely satisfied with their purchase.

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