Check out details associated with the brand new TR380MSC series of motors

In the new range of products that are found in electric motor, the new TR380MSC series is a product to take notice of. Coming within a voltage range of 6V to 24V, this is used in a number of appliances such as cordless power tools, kitchen appliances, household appliances, automotive products and car antenna.

Amongst a series of models that are present, the first one that is taken into concern is the model TR380MSC-18160. With a voltage range of 6V to 24V, and speed limit of 8600 rpm to 7160 rpm in case of no load and maximum efficiency, this is truly an important motor.

The TR385MSC-2682 motor is within 6V to 15V range and speed is within 14500 rpm to 12080 rpm in case of no load and maximum efficiency.

The TR380MSC-2872 model has a speed ranging from 16000 rpm to 13650 rpm in case of no load and maximum efficiency. With a voltage range within 6V to 15V, this is one of the best models.

Within a voltage range of 12V to 24V, the model TR385MSC-18102 can be placed. This has a speed of 6600 rpm to 5400 rpm in case of no load condition and maximum efficiency condition as well.

The TR385MSC-2180 model has an operational voltage range within 12V to 24V. While at no load, speed is 14500 rpm and at maximum efficiency it is at 12300 rpm.

Finally, in case of TR385MSC-2648 model, the voltage range is within 6V to 12V, while speed at no load ranges from 11500 rpm to 9800 rpm in case of maximum efficiency.

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