Teco as a 48 Volt motor manufacturer, we offer various 48 volt dc motor products. These items are applicable to various electronic products,such as remote control toys.

48 Volt DC Motors is one of the motor,at today motor is use in all the machine.

Apart from our 48 Volt DC motor, we also provide our clients with DC motors at other volts, AC motors, micro motors, mini dynamos, solar motors and panels, coreless motors, geared motors and many more.

The motor is the heart of the car, to provide power for the car walking, the automobile's power performance, economy, environmental protection.

Simply speak the motor is an energy transformation mechanism, the gasoline ( diesel ) heat, through the expansion of combustion gas in a sealed cylinder, push the piston to do work, changed into mechanical energy, which is the most basic principle of the engine.

All the motor structure is for energy conversion services, although with the car passed over 100 years of history, whether in the design, manufacture, process or performance, control have greatly improved.

48 Volt DC Motors often to be use in the specific engine

The motor basic principles haven't no change, this is a creative era, the engine designers, continue to be the new motor technology and com., had turned the engine into a complex electromechanical integration products, so that the engine performance to near perfection, the world famous automobile manufacturers will be the performance of the motor as the competition highlights.

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