Get the latest motors with TR380SC series!

The latest TR380SC series has a range of varieties associated with it. Coming within an operational voltage rate of 3V to 36V, this is one of the best motors in recent times.

With its usage being extended to a number of appliances such as household and kitchen appliances, car antenna, screwdriver, cordless power tools and automotive products, this is one of the most needed motors in recent times.

This has a set of models within it that is to be taken notice of. The TR380SC-22152 model comes within voltage range of 6V to 24V, and torque between 114 to 850 g-cm. In case of speed at no load, it is at 9600 rpm, whereas for maximum efficiency, speed is at 8320 rpm.

The TR380SC-2688 model has voltage range of 4.5V to 12V, and speed varying from 14000 rpm to 11950 rpm in case of no load and maximum efficiency accordingly. Torque increases from 95.6 to 650 g-cm.

Coming within torque of 90.5 to 500 g-cm is the set TR385SC-1990. This has an operational voltage range of 12V to 36V, and speed ranges within 23000 to 18860 in case of no load and maximum efficiency.

The model TR385SC-3820 comes within an operational voltage of 6V to 9V, and speed limit of 16500 rpm to 14200 rpm in case of no load and maximum efficiency.

A final set happens to be a model which has torque varying from 124 to 850 g-cm. With TR385SC-2648 model, the speed is at 14500 rpm for no load and 12350 rpm for maximum efficiency.

So, you can get a complete variety from Teco Electric Ltd in case you wish to know more.

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