TFK280C series consists of very useful flat motors

Revolutionizing the world of electric motors, are flat motors that are now used in a wide number of household and professional grade equipment. Among various motors like AC and DC motors, media dynamo, geared motors, solar motors, and other models, Flat motors are smaller in size

The TFK280C /SC series is a lineup of flat motors that are used in a large number of applications like vending machines, printers, rearview mirrors that are retractable, and other things. Weighing at around 36 g approximately each, this series consists of five different models each with its unique specifications. The model names are as follows TFK280SC – 10350, TFK280C – 12255, TFK280C – 18130, TFK280C – 3545.

Voltage operation range varies from 1.5 to 12 V while speed on maximum efficiency varies from 4350 – 10,000 RPM. When not on load, RPM ranges from 5500 to 12,000. Speaking of torque, stall value ranges from 10.29 to 18.13 mN-m while at maximum efficiency it stays between 2.65 and 3.04.

A Chinese brand known as Teco Electric Company Limited is now at an all-time large producing various categories of motors. This company produces motor such as With the research and development team comprising of people who have over 30 years of experience, Teco Electric Motor vows to bring you quality products like none other.

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