Impressive features of the TU030SC series flat motors

As Flat motors gain even more popularity due to its vastness of application, there are various types of models that offer unique features specifically suited for a particular device and purpose.

Among flat motors, the TU030SC series is one of the most sought after lineups that are mostly used in radio -controlled model, motorized toys, toys and models. There are total of five models in the series each offering different performance and operating at different voltage level. The four models are TU030SC-08220, TU030SC – 09210, TU030SC – 10140, TU030SC – 12110.

Voltage operation range is of the series from 1.5 total of 12 V while RPM varies from 10,502-24,000 at no-load. When put at maximum efficiency, the RPM ranges from 7280 – 17760. Torque range also varies widely starting with 0.54 at maximum efficiency and going all the way up to 0.89 mN-m.

Helping the world to move forward, Teco Electric Company Limited has been developing and manufacturing motors for the last 30 years. Using only the finest quality materials imported from Korea and Japan, this company produces exceptional models like AC and DC motors, geared motors, coreless motor, solar motor, and other type of models that are used frequently.

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