On June 28th, Micromotor Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association of Guangdong Province, Magnetic Material Industry Association of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Wise Exhibition (UFI member) and some other associations jointly organized the 11the International DC Motor Supplier, Electric Machine Industry, Magnetic Materials and Rare Earth Exhibition ( hereinafter called for short “Shenzhen International Small Motor Magnets Exhibition”) in Shenzhen, and acknowledged the applause at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

According to organizers, Shenzhen Topband, Chiaphua Components Group of Companies, Dongchang Motor, Dongming Mechanical and Electrical, Shenzhen Aerospace Micromotor and other famous enterprises participated in this exhibition, many new technologies, new products, new equipments made their first appearances. A delegation composed of Weiling Motor, Midea Group Gree Electric Appliances Inc, TCL, BYD, Panasonic and other large enterprise users more than 20 visited and procured. In addition, general manager of Weng Xing Yuan, magnetic materials branch of China Electronic Materials Industry Association, secretary-general of Academic Committee of Amorphous Materials, Zhang Hua; chairman of Household Appliance Industry Association of Guangdong Province, Zhang Xiaoming; general manager of Guangdong Wisdom Exhibition Co., Zhang Zhi and other industry experts presented at the exhibition “2013 brand of small motor supply and demand sides fraternity”, held by exhibition sponsors.

Brief Introduction of electric motor dc
There is one kind of electric motor dc designed of brushless, when the stator coil induced by DC power, stator coil parts produce the same direction, to maximize the efficiency of electromagnetic induction, and relatively backward field in the rotor, the motor rotor. And no electromagnetic induction the reverse occurs, does not need the electrode conversion, so as to realize the brushless dc motor rotor operation.

This kind of electric motor dc is designed without brushes. According to Principle of electromagnetic induction left hand rule, when the stator coil of the electromagnetic field induced by DC power, stator coil parts produce electromagnetic fields in the same direction, to maximize the efficiency of electromagnetic induction, and the rotor magnetic field is relatively backward, making the motor rotor revolve. And no reverse electromagnetic induction occurs, no need to the electrode conversion, so as to realize the brushless DC motor supplier drive rotor operation. According to the size of the motor, the annular stator is composed of multiple independent coil units, the coil can be connected in parallel through the unit input current.

When the coil electromagnetic induction magnetic field is at the center of the rotor magnetic field, the efficiency of electromagnetic induction can be enhanced, so the efficiency of motor drive can be greatly improved. At the same time, the upper part of the design, attached to the stator bracket, the iron mask and magnets above the rotor, under magnetic force, make the rotor in the movement of operation suspended, which can effectively reduce (prevent) rotor shaft under the friction by gravity.

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