The TF180MS series of flat motors are used in various appliances

Powering the world are various types of motors that are used in machines required for day-to-day activities, both heavy and light in operation. Flat motors are kind of devices that are commonly used to run various electronic equipment that are usually small in size.

The TF180MS series is a very popular motor that is used in electric shavers, printers, house appliances, and office equipments. There are a total of four models in the series going by the names of TF180MS – 17125, TF180MS – 3730, TF180MS –2380, TF180MS – 14200.

These models offer varying performance and operate at a voltage range between 1.0 to 14V. Rpm ranges from 3650 – 17500 when not on Load, and 2950 – 15,000 rpm when on maximum efficiency. Torque at maximum efficiency ranges between 1.30 mN-m to 1.47 mN-m and 6.86 to 27.44 mN-m when stalled.

For requirements regarding motors, Teco Electric Company Limited is an exceptional company that produces micro motor, DC motor, AC motor, mini dynamo, flat motors and many others. These motors are exceptional in performance and cost comparatively cheaper than other brands. Only the best quality Oriental and Japanese raw materials are used to develop these machines and are assembled at their main operation facility in mainland China.

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