Models under the TF130C series and the general configuration

It Flat motors are what you desire, then you need not look further as there are plenty of modes of getting these motors while not shedding out a fortune. These useful motors are responsible for running many devices that are of absolute essence.

The TFN30-09180 model, has voltage operation range from 3.0V to 6.0V, with a nominal rate being at 3.0V constant. While at no load, speed is stated at 6400 rpm, at maximum efficiency, speed is at 5120 rpm. Force at stall ranges from 1.08 to 11 torque.

While mostly flat motors are used power small devices like car toys, walkie-talkies, it can be also used in certain useful appliances like lighting and sound systems. One of the most popular motor ranges are TF130C series that consists of four models namely – TF130C – 10310, TF130C – 13190, TF130SC – 10305, TF 130SC – 14150.

With operation range of these motors is from 3V to 12 V, efficiency rate ranges from 6500 RPM to 17,000 rpm at no load. While at maximum efficiency, rate of RPM is 4500 to 12,900 rpm. Nominal voltage range is from 3.0 V constant to 12V constant. Teco Electric Company Limited has an impressive collection of motors that include DC motor, AC motor, mini motor, gear motor, flat motor, etc. Their line-up comprises of competitive devices that are produced in mainland China, in their 15,000 sq ft. factory. With their research and development staff having over 30 years of experience in this field.

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