Get a new range of motors with TR540MSC series!

The need for conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy can occur at any place and it is a good DC motor that is required in this regard. The new models from TR540MSC series ranging within 12V to 48V is truly one of the best that have come into the market in recent times.

With its application at a variety of places such as lumbar support, household appliances, car accessories, bilge pump and vacuum cleaner, this is one of the most interesting models of recent times.

There are two associated models in this respect. The starting off model is the TR540MSC-23220 type, which has an operational range of 12V to 24V. In this regard one needs to keep in mind, its speed variations. Whereas at no load, it is 4950 rpm; at maximum efficiency it ranges down to 4120 rpm. The torque ranges from 216 to 1300 g-cm, with nominal constant at 18V.

The other model, TR545MSC-21102 has an operational voltage range of 24V to 48V, with nominal constant being at 48V. In this case, speed at no load is 15500 rpm, whereas at maximum rate it is 13500 rpm. The torque varies within 310 to 2450 g-cm, with current being within 0.195 to 1.34.

Thus with Teco Electric Ltd, you are to get the best!

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