Interesting Facts about DC electric motors wholesaler

Brushless DC motors or BLDC motors belong to the synchronous type. It means magnetic fields created by stator and rotor spin in the same frequency. These motors as sold by every electric motor DC wholesaler are fast replacing brushed DC motors because of their ability to last longer, higher precision, and faster speed.

Nevertheless, these motors did not get instant recognition because of the high cost of complex motor controller – a mandatory part of a BLDC motor. In recent years, the cost related to motor controllers has come down and it is expected to come down further in the coming years. This is the reason that every DC electric motors wholesaler has a good stock of BLDC motors. The use of these motors is already prevalent in a variety of industrial applications like robots, feed drive (CNC machines) and extruder drives.

Even though the need for a motor controller is necessary for the development of a BLDC motor, its popularity is still growing. Actually, the vast speed range offered by the BLDC motors makes them appropriate for a host of uses. Moreover, as every DC electric motors wholesaler would agree, these motors are lightweight and compact. They also promise to last long because of lack of brushes, which run the risk of wearing out. The brushes also have ionizing spikes, which causes the motors to produce noise when in operation. With the loss of brushes, the BLDC motors are fairly noise less. They are also low on maintenance. Once the DC motor has been manufactured, it can be tightly sealed. This feature makes the motors ideal for use in industries where hazards like grease, dirt, and oil could spoil them.

An electric motor DC wholesaler sells BLDC motors in different configurations namely single, 2-phase, and 3-phase. Although all configurations have their respective uses, the 3-phase configuration is most commonly used.