Get a model of RDC26 series for improving round motor functions!

The need to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy for purpose of daily usage has become a regular issue. In this regard, it is important that there be a perfect motor that would help in their supply. With the new model from RDC26 series, within operational range of 3V to 6v, you can get a chance to make sure that this motor is surely one of the best that is available.

Generally used as small motors in loudspeakers and other electronic gadgets, the motor from this series is used in little models and toys as well as radio control models. With its intricate functioning, it can be used for variety of purposes and can be segmented into 3 divisions.

The model RDC26-3 has an operational voltage of 3V, and degree of rotation being 90. Its short circuit current is less than 500mA.

There is another model associated with it known as RDC26-4.5. Coming with an operational voltage of 4.5V, its degree of rotation is 90, and short circuit current is less than 500mA.

A final set from this motor is the model RDC26-6. This has operational voltage of 6V and short circuit current is less than 500mA, with a 90 degree rotation as well.

Coming at an approximate weight of 23gram, this model from RDC26 series is one of the most wanted ones!

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