The TR280C series brings in with itself a number of new models. Check now!

Within a host of motors, TR280C series brings in a new ray of hope with its variety of models. Being applied in a number of toys and models, house appliances, massager and vibrator, this motor with a voltage range of 3V to 24V, and weight of 42 grams is one of the best in recent times.

The models that are associated with this product start off with TR280C-20130 which varies within operational range of 3V to 9V. The speed at no load ranges within 7250 rpm to 9900 rpm while at maximum efficiency this varies within 5850 rpm to 8250 rpm.

Another model in this zone is the TR280C-14210 named one, where operational voltage range is within 4.5V to 12V. Its speed ranges within 12000 rpm to 10080 rpm in case of no load and maximum efficiency conditions.

Coming within 6V to 24V range is the model TR280SC-07600. The torque varies within 13 to 56 g-cm while speed at no load changes from 3000 rpm to 2320 rpm in case of maximum efficiency.

The model TR280SC-12280 has voltage range within 4.5V to 12V, and speed varies within 6500 rpm to 5415 rpm in case of no load condition and maximum efficiency.

The model TR280SC-2392 has a variation range within 17300 rpm at no load condition, while 15050 rpm is at maximum efficiency condition. In this case, voltage range changes within 3V to 12V.

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