Get DC motors of TR260 model for best usage!

There has come about a revolution in the whole set of DC motors with models from TR260 series. With an operational voltage ranging within 1.5V to 12V, and dimensions being at 23.8 x 26.9 mm, this is an important motor to take into concern.

There are other models that are part of this set, and can be used in a number of places such as motorized toys and model toys. The TR260 /S series has a minimum weight of 28 grams unlike other heavy motor parts.

The TR260-2670 set has an operational voltage range of 1.5V to 3V, with nominal constant at 3V and torque ranging from 15 g-cm to 85 g-cm. The speed at no load is at 12300 rpm, whereas at maximum efficiency is at 9840 rpm.

For model TR260-2295, operational voltage lies from 3V to 6V with nominal constant at both these points. The speed at no load ranges from 9400 rpm to 16500 rpm while at maximum efficiency it ranges within 7680 rpm to 13860 rpm. The torque is also between 20 g-cm to 125 g-cm.

In case of model TR260-10350, torque ranges between 9 g-cm to 45 g-cm, and operational voltage being within 4.5V to 12V. Speed at no load is 7700 rpm, while at maximum efficiency it rates up to 6200 rpm.

Coming within a torque rate of 13g-cm to 60 g-cm is the TR260S-2672 model that has an operational voltage of 1.5V to 4.5V. At no load, speed ranges from 4500 rpm to 3540 rpm in case of maximum efficiency.

A final model as TR260S-22100 has a speed at no load of 10000 rpm that goes down to 8400 rpm in maximum efficiency case. In this case, operational voltage varies from 3V to 6V, and torque rate from 22 g-cm to 135 g-cm.

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