Get the perfect motor for your gadgets with TR500 series

The change of electric energy to mechanical needs help of a good motor for maximum efficiency. Hence, motors from TR500 series are becoming instant picks!

This motor has an operational voltage range of 3V to 24V, and dimensions as 32 x 19.5 mm. It can be used in a number of places such as VCR, any Audio-Visual equipment, Cassette Tape Recorder and even CD player.

Within this range come a number of models that are worth checking out in every respect. The model TR500-10650 with 5V nominal constant and range within 3V to 12V has a torque ranging from 7.7 to 40 g-cm. Its speed at no load is at 2100 rpm, whereas at maximum efficiency it is at 1700 rpm.

Within an efficiency rate of 12V to 24V, the model TR500-12560 is a great choice. The speed varies within 11100 rpm for no load condition and 9500 rpm for maximum efficiency condition.

Another model TR500-15350 of this series has an operational voltage range of 3V to 12V, with torque ranging from 15.9 g-cm to 99 g-cm. The speed at no load comes at 4450 rpm, while at maximum efficiency it comes at 3740 rpm.

The final model of this range, TR500-17310, has a speed range of 8250 rpm to 7100 rpm in case of no load and maximum efficiency condition. Its voltage swing is within 6V to 12V with nominal constant at 9V.

Thus, to get more of these examples, you can check out Teco Electric Ltd.

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