With TR360MSC series you can get a new ray of hope

It is quite astonishing to check out those gadgets that require a continuous presence of electric motors. Amongst a variety, there is a model that calls for special notice. With dimensions being at 27.7 x 32.5 mm, and operational voltage ranging from 6V to 24V, the TR360MSC series is worth noting.

The motors from this series are to be typically used for appliances such as office automation equipment, precision equipment, automatic vending machine, copy machine and a variety of household appliances. Coming within this set are a number of models that help in making sure that all these motors work in best possible manner.

The model TR360MSC-10500 has an operational range within 12V to 24V, with torque being within 40g-cm to 225 g-cm. The speed at no load is 7000 rpm, while that at maximum efficiency comes down to 5650 rpm.

Another model, TR360MSC-2880 comes within torque rate of 67 g-cm to 420 g-cm. In this case, operational voltage varies within 6V to 12V, and speed at no load is at 12500 rpm to 10500 rpm in case of maximum efficiency.

The final model coming within voltage range of 12V to 24V, is the TR365MSC-16125 set. At no load, its speed is 6900 rpm, whereas at maximum efficiency it is at 5470 rpm. Torque in this case varies from 58.7 to 285 g-cm.

To get more information on these models, you can surely log on to Teco Electric Ltd for best results.

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