The Brushless DC motor is the most appropriate choice for operations that require high reliability, high efficiency, and high torque generation. The Brushless DC motor is like a versatile actor who can perform various roles in unique styles. Same ways, it can produce large amount of torque at different velocities of speed. DC Brushless motors are a derived form of the most commonly used DC motor. They both are like the twin brothers who share the same DNA but have their own eccentric characteristics. They have the same torque power (almost) and sped performance. The major difference between the two is the use of brushes which is suggested in its name itself. Brushless motors do not have brushes (hence the name “brushless DC”) and must be electronically commutated.

By the term Commutation we mean it as an act of changing the electronic currents supplied to the motor at the appropriate times to produce required torque to adapt to the contingency of the situation or the use. In a brush DC motor, the motor assembly contains an actual physical commutator which is moved by means of actual brushes which in turn power the rotor. But in brushless motor, electrical current powers a permanent magnet that makes the motor to rotate, hence there is no necessity of the brushes.

Sans brushes, a brushless DC motor is highly efficient because the absence of brushes, the maintenance requirement is cut low because now there will be no wear and tear. For long term applications, this can be an awesome benefit. Whenever a motor breaks down or needs to be replaced, the whole machinery needs to shut down which can cause great loss of time and money. It also adversely affects the output also perhaps a great deal depending on how long it takes to replace the worn part or parts and get the application started again. Although a DC brushless motor may cost more than a brush motor, it will pay back in the long term perspective with high durability performance. So in short, we can say that although a bit costly in the initial stage, but the long term profitability covers it all. So one should not look at short term high expenditure but look at the future benefits which are much greater and bigger than the expenses incurred today.

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