dc motor speed control classification

According to the classification of the movement about piston: piston internal combustion dc motor speed control can be divided into reciprocating and rotary piston.

Classification according to the intake system of internal combustion motor intake system: according to whether can be divided into natural aspirated by the way of pressurization ( non turbo ) dc motor speed control and forced induction ( supercharged ) motor.

dc motor speed control

Classified according to cylinder arrangement: internal combustion motor arranged according to cylinder in different ways can be divided into single-row, double-row type and the three column type. Such as the pancake, V shape, W shape.

Classification according to the internal combustion motor cooling mode: according to the different cooling methods can be divided into water-cooled dc motor and air-cooled motor.

In accordance with the stroke classification: motor completed in accordance with the number of stroke of a cycle of work required can be divided into four stroke internal combustion motor and two stroke internal combustion motor.

According to the valve mechanism classification: side valve motor ( SV ), side camshaft ( OHV ) motors, overhead camshaft ( OHC ) motor, variable valve timing (VTEC ) motor and Desmo motor valve mechanism.

According to the classification of the fuel supply: carburetor motor and brushless motor.

According to the fuel motor classification: according to different can be divided into gasoline and diesel motor using fuel.

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