The gasoline brushless dc motor will aim to gasoline into motion, so that the vehicle can start. At present, the gasoline into the simplest method of motion is to burn the gasoline motor. Therefore, the automobile motor is an " internal combustion motor " -- combustion occurs in the brushless motor internal. Need to pay attention to two things:

There are different kinds of internal combustion brushless dc motor. The diesel dc motor is a gas turbine.

brushless dc motor

There is an external combustion brushless motor. The old-style steam motor train and steamship in the external combustion motor. In the steam motor, the fuel ( coal, wood, oil etc.) generate steam in external combustion motor and motor, formed in the internal motor by steam. The efficiency of internal combustion motor combustion motor is much higher than the outer ( per kilometer fuel consumption less), and the internal combustion motor as power than the external combustion motor to small lot.

The internal structure of a typical automobile motor

At present almost all cars use to­compound internal combustion motor, because the motor has the following advantages:

The relative efficiency ( compared with the external combustion brushless motor )

These advantages make it a preferred technology to drive the car.

In order to understand the working principle of reciprocating internal combustion brushless dc motor, the " internal combustion "brushless motor work have an intuitive understanding is very helpful. The cannon is a good example of. You may have seen them in movies, the soldiers filled with gunpowder and shells to the gun, and then it. This is what we mean by the internal combustion motor, but it is hard to imagine how to complete these processes.

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